Monday, 25 August 2014


I’ve seen a lot of graduates whose performance is far below what they are capable of. Obviously, because they are unable to discover and put into practice some doable facts that can make them achieve excellence in their academic pursuit.
When I was a student someone told me that “if you aim at the sky, you might fall on the roof”. On hearing this, I went outside and took a good look at the sky and the roof. And I came to the conclusion that if land on the roof it either you really were not aiming at the sky or you really don’t know where the sky is, because they are both miles apart.
By the grace of God, I made a First Class and it’s those things that I did that worked for me that I put together in this book to help others and I am sure it will work for anyone who is careful enough to do them because they are proven.
In this book, I balanced spirituality with practicality to achieve academic excellence. I have observed over the years that students are caught up between these two dichotomies, i.e. the ones who are so “spiritual” and see no need to add work to their faith and the ones who work so hard and see no need for God. Both extremes can be avoided and a balance stroke. The ways to do this are contained in this book.
As a matter of fact, you cannot be a perfect scholar until you are able to balance spirituality with practicality. Until the mind and the heart meet. You can be bright in the mind but darken in the heart. Records have it that Adolf Hitler and his men had PhDs but the show no restraints when it was time for them to kill innocent Jewish babes in mass. They were bright in the mind but darken in the heart.
A perfect scholar is bright in the mind and bright in the heart. When this is lacking, a scholar uses his knowledge against humanity but a perfect scholar strikes a balance between both extremes and use their knowledge to help humanity.
To wit, The Perfect Scholar aims at teaching young ones how to achieve academic excellence and to remain relevant to their society afterwards.

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