Monday, 23 June 2014


Lack of composure : The inability to keep calm is referred to as a lack
of composure . It is the feeling you have when you are upset. You are
unable to keep your cool.
While anxiety comes on you during a test because you are in a
hurry to put down what you know, lack of composure often occurs
if you don’t plan your work or prepare for an exam. When you don’t
have a worked-out and concise plan for approaching a question or you
don’t have enough ideas to develop because you aren’t prepared, your
composure diminishes, and your work will be disorganized. It will
portray that you are confused, because it will lack organization.
To this effect, a lecturer once said, “When I come across such
writing, I go back to read the question I gave to see exactly what I
asked.” This shows that a confused answer can, in turn, confuse the
examiner to the point that he forgets the question he asked.
Adequate preparation is a key to preventing a lack of composure .
But no matter what you know and what you put down, if it is not in
order, you will confuse the examiner, and there is no way you will pass.

What you say is as important as how you say it.

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